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Asustek Experience Store

As the world's leading 3C solution provider, Asustek has always been at the forefront of the times and the market, whether in product planning or channel optimization. The project's establishment and implementation comes from Asustek's accurate understanding of the internal requirements of the company and the level of development of new technologies including "face recognition".

Asustek's experience shop is an important part of its marketing channel, and most of them are located in more developed cities. However, some of its experience stores have a large daily passenger flow, but the problem of rising sales is not matched. How to effectively improve store performance and obtain a large amount of basic data, and thus achieve the needs of large data analysis is extremely urgent. The problem in this is that the traditional passenger flow statistics can not be effectively discovered and solved.

The new problem is no longer how to count each customer, but how to carry out deep customer insight, keep up with everyone, distinguish everyone, and know everyone, so as to solve the problem from the overall analysis of the customer group and the breakdown of the customer group to the customer analysis. Three levels of problems.

In this project, VION Intelligence provides Asustek with a combination of "face recognition + passenger flow statistics". The system not only uses face technology to achieve clerk filtering and customer weight, provides effective customer numbers, and solves the problem of store data deficiency. Through customer attribute analysis and customer behavior analysis, help users 'customer insight, product attention and display optimization, etc.. At the same time, it can also realize long-distance tour stores, fully tap store sales potential, and achieve long-term profit of stores.

After the introduction of this system, Asustek can obtain all kinds of actual and real-time customer data on the same day, which plays an important role in improving its store performance.